Monday, November 7, 2011

His & Hers: Letters to Mother Nature

With the first snow of winter 2011 falling last weekend, we have white stuff on the brain. Here's a peek at our proverbial letters to Mother Nature:

Dear Mother Nature,
Can I just take a moment to applaud you? Your snowy skies make me happier than a kid bursting through the opening gates of Disneyland. Seriously. Waking up to see the magical powder assemble itself on the landscape, I can't help but smile big. How could Crystalee not love this as much as I do?

Keep up the good work,

Dear Mother Nature,
You do a fantastic job most of the time -- I especially love your colorful Autumn palette! -- but the snow's gotta go. Really. It's freezing all the time, and this Arizona-bred girl misses the warmth of sunshine. The ice-slicked roads offer no refuge. Please, can we just skip the Utah snow this winter? I won't tell Ryan. It can be our little secret.


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