Thursday, December 8, 2011

Can You Do a Backflip?

My husband definitely can.

I've made mention of his backflipping's one of the extra perks Ryan Beck offers the world. It always amazes me how his 6'2" frame can stand there, and whazAM! voluntarily jump backwards in an air somersault.

But he does it. And loves it. In this summer's family reunion, his backflip was a much-applauded talent in the family Variety Show.

I don't mind at all when he backflips on the ground, but Ryan has a daredevil tendency to backflip off things, including Olympic high dives. He's done this multiple times, and has tried to explain the technique and resulting rush to me, but I still get nervous every time we're at Lava Hot Springs and he climbs those four stories to do this:

P.S. My wildly-talented uncle, Tim Pannell, took our bridal/groomal shots in the Salt Flats, one of which you see above. Give your eyes a feast - check out his site.


  1. I one day hope to visit the Salt Flats to take photos. Cute pictures and blog!


  2. Hopefully Ryan's Backflip skills will be passed onto your children. :]

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  4. Tiff - do it. We had to get there for the sunrise, which was at like 6:05 this day, meaning we woke up at 3am. But it was all worth it. Check out to see my uncle's other work. He's amazing.

    Em....we'll see if they get the backflip gene. ;)

  5. Love the wedding pix! so cute! I should invite you to my blog ( leave your email on my FB page!