Thursday, November 17, 2011

Missin' Maui

Maui Images Copyright Crystalee Beck

Ryan and I were in Maui three months ago, on our 1st Anniversary trip.

Knowing unpacked boxes awaited us at our new place in Ogden, Ryan's new loaded semester, and my new job, we soaked in the sun and spent as much time barefoot as possible.

In such a picturesque place, with nothing on the agenda, all I really wanted to do was run. (I'd just finished listening to Born to Run, which I highly recommend.) I went on morning beach runs everyday - even ran my own 1/2 marathon!

Despite my protest, Ryan caught up on TV shows, and found new ones.

Together, we took a whole day on the gorgeous, but not-for-the-weak-stomach swervy Road to Hana. It's six hours of ultra-twisty roads, but known as one of the most beautiful highways on the planet, with luscious greenery and collections of waterfalls, all leading to Hana National Park.

We stopped for lunch and a swim at the Seven Sacred Pools, with Ryan doing his classic backflip into the big pool (again, to my protest). Ryan's got this wild streak in him (and let's be honest, that was part of the attraction for me), which makes him ache to jump off high things, usually in a backwards fashion. I accept it, knowing that he's really quite calculated in his risks, but it's still nerve-racking to watch!

My favorite part of the trip was a seven mile sunset-turned-starlit beach walk. Yes, it's cliche, but walks along the beach really are romantic, especially at famous Black Rock, which was just a mile away from us. Along our path, we watched a cliff jumper dive and saw Polynesian kids perform their native dancing. All this while holding hands and dirtying up our bare feet.

Now in Ogden, with conflicting schedules this semester, we don't get much time together. And alas, we're hundreds of miles from the closest beach.

It's nice to remember Aloha land.

P.S. Thanks to Dad and Sue for making this trip happen. Love ya!

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