Thursday, December 29, 2011

Missing New Year's - Part 2 of 3

As you can see below with us and the Sydney Opera House: rivalry knows no bounds. Even on the other side of the world, you can see our BYU v. Utah feud..but that will be another post.

This one's for Ryan, since I already raved the city running scene: the architecture in Sydney is incredible. Sydney Opera House aside, wondrous varieties of shapes and styles grace the cityscape. As a Construction Management major, Ryan can't help but constantly notice (and point out) structures, materials, the overall look and feel of buildings - he was in heaven there. Below are some sweet sights for you building lovers out there...Tami, this means you!

Ryan declared the Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre to be his very favorite in Sydney. He's a swimmer, which probably helped in the decision, but it's really hard not to admire the sleek lines and ingenious "diving board" that's part of the building itself:

I must admit, I was pretty pleased to capture this shot in sunset:

Photography All Rights Reserved Crystalee Beck

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