Saturday, December 3, 2011

Our First Date: Holiday Magic

If you've never been to Temple Square during the holiday season, it's a magical must. Honest. Every year, there's a wonderful LDS Christmas Devotional to ring in the season. This year's will be on Sunday, December 4, at 6:00 p.m. MST. You can enjoy it here
Dec. 2006 | LDS Conf. Center | President Hinckley turned right as I took a picture!

Exactly five years ago, Ryan and I went on our first date to the Christmas Devotional at Temple Square. Back in 2006, I was 20, Ryan was 22, and he'd waited all se
mester to finally ask me out. Smitten with his deep dimples, I thought he was the "cutest guy in the ward." My roommate and his were dating (still our awesome friends, Mr. & Mrs. Hustedt!) and that night we had ourselves some monumental moments. Here are snippets from that date, copied straight out of my college journal:

December 3, 2006

The Christmas season has officially begun for me today. I went to the Christmas devotional in Salt Lake! I went on a group date with Ryan Beck in the ward, and it was an incredible
night. Mattie went with her boyfriend Josh, and Rob Martin brought a girl named Krysta.

We were invited for dinner at Mattie's house. The Morgans made us a feast - roast, mashed potatoes, candied yams, homemade bread, jam and salad. It was heavenly.
We got to the Conference Center just in time, and made our way to our seats. Guess where I got to sit? THE SECOND ROW! When the First Presidency came in, I was just 40 FEET away! the whole devotional I was brimming with gratitude to see the living prophet of God. The devotional tonight was one of those memories I don't want to forget.President Hinckley said that "shining through the dark is the assurance and faith of the true meaning of Christmas: the reality of the Atonement." The Conference Center was breathtaking! I could look at it all day and my eyes wouldn't tire of the vibrant colors and warm Christmas feeling.
I had a great time with Ryan wandering the brightly-lit Temple Square. The glistening lights and glowing temple promise a romantic mood, plus there was a full moon. We took pictures, heard a bell choir in the visitor's center, and enjoyed each other's company. At one point, I was talking to these sister missionaries, and Ryan told them out of the blue: "She's either going on a mission or marrying me." Haha! I blushed. Ryan held my hand! It was a spontaneous, spurred-by-the-mood gesture, and I don't know if it'll happen again, but I enjoyed it. Like I texted him, it really couldn't have been any better - it was a FABULOUS night!

Little did I know, I'd be going to see the lights with Ryan four years later, as his wife. Turns out my journal, my white beanie, and my Ryan are all keepers.

Thanks for spending time on Our Beck Treks. Happy December. Like this post? Your comments are as good as wrapped presents; I love them. Do share...

12/7/11 Addendum: It was mentioned this post makes it seem like we dated for four years. Nope, we both had some growing up to do. Above you read of what we call "Round One," which was really just few weeks of flirting. Three years later, "Round Two" launched strong and he popped the question nine months later. It was all about the right timing. But that's a whole new post...


  1. Wonderful post Babe. I'm grateful I proved to be such a fantastic oracle. I predict many more magical Christmas' to come.
    Thank you for marrying me.
    And Merry Christmas this post is the only gift you get this year. You know I'm just already bought all your presents.

  2. Awwww, thanks Ry! I'm so glad to be yours.

    Mom Beck emailed me this:

    This made me cry to read. I remember that Ryan was truly smitten by this girl he'd met in his ward. I'm happy you're our daughter-in-law now. Love, Mom

  3. Awesome post Leelee. I remember seeing that picture from 2006 of you and Ryan on Facebook, and had no idea what to expect from that guy! And now look at you guys? MARRIED for over a year.:] So happy for you guys.
    Love you!

  4. I just remember him telling some story about when the Becks got back from Germany,"You guys don't understand! This is THE Crystalee!!

  5. You two are very cute! So glad I stumbled upon your blog.

  6. love this!!! What a keepsake to have in your journal. Alyssa H.

  7. Thanks Jami and Alyssa! Appreciate you readin! And yeah...I've always been quite the journal keeper, but it's really precious now to those pages. I literally had no idea we'd get serious - let alone married!

  8. Oh what good memories! We're excited to hopefully see you guys soon over this Christmas break! I still remember when Josh and I were talking to Ryan and he said "of all the girls I've dated, Crystalee was the best, there was just this light in her eyes..." I think from then on we knew it would work out, just needed the right timing! See you soon!

  9. Thanks Mattie! We're looking forward to our annual holiday reunion with you guys. Thanks for being such great friends all these years. Love ya.