Tuesday, January 3, 2012

6 Months Without Sugar

That's right. Tomorrow marks six months without sweets...I did it!

On 4th of July 2011 I decided to declare my independence from sugar. I realized I'd become more dependent on the sweet stuff than I wanted to be. Since I'm already practiced in self-restraint as a gluten-free girl, I figured waiting until my birthday (Jan 4) would be a worthy challenge.

The first week was the hardest - I'd crave chocolate like mad woman, my previous downfall. I've only made it these six months by finding healthy substitutes - fruit smoothies save my life. That's one way to recharge your taste buds; take out the artificial stuff, and the natural sugars in fruit suddenly become more sweet.

Ryan says I oughta keep it up forever, (while he's eating his personal ice-cream carton in front of me) although I think I'm just going to be more selective in what sweets I eat from now on. Keep them rare. Tomorrow: birthday SHERBET!

p.s. As an almost-birthday girl request, will you please join our blog? I can see many of you often come back for more Our Beck Treks, and your follow would be a most appreciated gift. :) Just click on "Join this Site" on the right side of the screen. Many thanks.

p.s.s. Did you notice the new sections I added yesterday? One's called "Best of Treks."


  1. Thanks Katie and Jami for joining. :)

  2. That is so awesome Crystalee! I love you blog. Sorry I have just been a stalker for so long :)

  3. Thanks Jessica and to the other 5 friends who joined today! Appreciate it ♥

  4. You are doing so good with Blogging! I need to be better at it....it's so hard to find the time sometimes. I like your blog...it's very entertaining. =-)

  5. thanks, Selena! You're quite good yourself, especially with your rockin' photos. Appreciate your kind words.