Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sounds like Crystal Light

I just shared this as my 500 word "intro" in my online editing class - figured I might as well share it here too...

Nice to meet ya, I’m Crystalee. My name’s always given me a unique edge, serving as a conversation starter. Yes, it’s all one word. No, I’m not from the South like all those Southern belles with double names. At times I’ve been dubbed “Crystal Light” and “Sara Lee,” and no, I don’t mind being associated with likeable, sugary sweets.

While my patient husband will attest I’m not always sugary sweet, I’m quite a people-person, and an introspective soul. A first born, I naturally tend to be too hard on myself, with an insatiable drive to progress. With that insight, I’ll answer for you an oft-asked job interview question: what three words describe me? Friendly, active, and creative – here’s why:


A fact about me I hope will be recorded in my obituary decades from now: I was voted “Friendliest” of my 750+ high school class. It was quite an honor to be recognized for my friend-making ability. It’s true that I love meeting new people, and have a personal motto that “there are no strangers – just friends you haven’t met yet.” Of course use caution with sketchy characters, but for the most part, I believe people are good and everyone has a unique story. I find that my life’s greatest joy is found in relationships, and when I look back at high school and college (I graduated with a communications degree from BYU in 2009), memories with friends and family are my favorite parts.


It’s no secret I take pride in staying physically active and being an adventurous explorer. I was bit by the running bug as a track athlete in high school, and since have trained for half marathons. So far I’ve completed five, with the most recent in Maui. My husband, who can do impressive backflips, recruited me to try out two sprint triathlons. While he creamed me in the swimming and biking, I did beat him in the 5k runs. As for my wanderlust – I was a full-time flight attendant after college, granting me wings to fly. Last year, I made a big check on the bucket list when I finished seeing all 50 states at age 25. A year ago, my Ryan and I ventured across the globe to Sydney, Australia, a trip we’ll never forget.


While I’m a fan of color and design, words are my favorite palette. Mixing and molding them into power-punch sentences brings me great joy. I love, love, love to write. Words amaze me, and I get to wrangle them in my full-time position as Marketing Writer at MarketStar. I write for clients like Microsoft and Yahoo! and contribute to internal writing, all while monitoring social media. I purposefully chose this class as an elective and look forward to learning and sharpening my editing skills. I anticipate starting Weber’s Master of Professional Communication program this May, pending my acceptance…Dr. Josephson...wink, wink!

Feel free to reach out, connect on LinkedIn or Twitter – I'm all about keeping things social online and LOVE comments!

Photography by Tim Pannell. Check out his work.


  1. I loved reading this about you, Crystalee! I can see you definitely have a talent for writing. Though we're 3,000 miles apart (or so?), I can almost feel your enthusiasm as I read your posts! It's quite awesome! hey! fun fact: I was also voted friendliest! We were meant to be friends;) Love ya!!!

  2. Kim, you are the essence of sweetness, and YOU are one of THE FRIENDLIEST people I have EVER met. Thank you for your kind words -I'm so glad we're more in touch lately, I just love you.