Sunday, March 18, 2012

Best part of Sundays? Funny 4-year-old friends

We look forward to Sunday afternoons all week. Why? We teach the 4- and 5-year-old Primary class. Cute and candid, they've won us over - we LOVE spending time with them, chaos and all.

Anywhere from five to 11 kids show up depending on the Sunday, and every week we get HILARIOUS quotes to tide us over 'til we see our little rascals again. Some favorites so far:

Everyone coloring pictures, and Ryan uses a purple crayon.Disobeying "color gender laws" at their age is apparently cause for ridicule and quick correction.
Summer: (emphatically) You can't use that color, teacher.
Ryan: Why not?
Summer: That's GIRLISS, not BOYISS.
Danielle: Yeah, that's too GIRLISS for you.

Preston, sitting by darling Maddy, looks up at me innocently:
Preston: I'm not gonna kiss her, cause I'm not allowed to.
Crystalee: That's good, Preston. Let's not do that.
Preston: But when I grow up, I can marry her. (Maddy blushes profusely)

To act out examples of how to CTR, I brought props. I gave one boy a box of tissues.
Crystalee: Ok, class, we're pretending James is sick. How could we help if he's sick?
Preston: Give him medicine.
Crystalee: That's a good idea. What's something nice we could say to him?
Preston: (thinking about it, then confident) Do you want some medicine?

In the big Primary group, the Sharing Time teacher holds up a picture of President Thomas S. Monson.
Teacher: Who is this?
Thomas: (shouts out) THOMAS the PROPHET! (mumbles to himself) And there's Thomas the TRAIN, too.


  1. LOL! You two are wonderful Primary teachers! Thanks so much for all you teach my Thomas. *hugs*

  2. cute video! Russ and I used to teach primary when we were first married. it's so fun!

  3. Just a thought I've always wanted an answer to, do they usually put couples without children in charge of the primary class to entice them to have cute little ones?

    1. Well, we thought it was more a birth control tactic ;)