Tuesday, March 6, 2012


This past three days, when it rained for me in the publishing world, it poured!

Ever since writing as a student reporter at BYU five years ago, I haven't been able to shake a strong desire to write feature stories. While I do some feature-type writing in my full-time job, I had a hankering to share stories on a broader scale. It took an encouraging writer friend and many months of building up guts until I submitted ideas to the Deseret News. After four weeks of (sometimes not so) patiently waiting, the big payoff came when four of them were recently published!

Thank you for your kind support. Many of you sent nice emails and helped spread the word about babies and battery buttons - it's a hidden danger we all need to know about. Thank you Karla Rauch for sharing Emmett's story with me, and letting me help spread awareness.

From now on, I'll periodically post my published articles and put them in the fancy new tab (did you notice it?) called "WRITER GIRL."

Speaking of which ...

Click here to see my KSL article: New company offers in-flight babysitters

Published March 5, 2012 (teaser below)

Getting ready for Spring Break? Taking the kids on a flight? Launched in 2011, Nanny in the Clouds seeks to "change the way young families fly by connecting them with nannies already on their flight."


  1. I'm really proud of you and happy for you, Crystalee! The sky truly is the limit for what you can accomplish! You're amazing!

  2. Good job Crystalee! I look forward to spending the next two years learning with and from you.