Sunday, April 22, 2012

Calm after the Whirlwind

The past month or so, Ryan and I have been pushing ourselves hard. Between to-do lists that seemed to multiply overnight, brain-squishing finals, deadlines at work, job interviews (Ryan), scholarship applications, it's been a season of stretching. We've not had much time for slowing down. Heck, Ryan even jumped in last minute to run the Salt Lake Half Marathon this past weekend.

Many of you have likely experienced the same push-push-push zone lately, with figuring out how to balance life, facing the end of semester crunch and college graduations arriving. (Congrats again to my sis, Master Erika and bro-in-law Matt!) Also, we know quite a few couples who've recently celebrated the arrival of their new baby, like our cute Burnett neighbors. Isn't it nice when the long-awaited arrives? When you can breathe easy again?

I found this quote and made this design as a nice reminder.  Life's short. Soak it up, enjoy each day. The tough parts make the rest that much sweeter. Despite the crazy rush, we've enjoyed Spring strolls, noticing new growth and blasts of colorful flowers in the neighborhood.

With a vacation on the horizon, we're ready to soak in the sunshine ...

P.S. Today I added a new section, We Believe, because we really do.Happy Sunday.

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