Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ogden Pioneer Days and Horses of Many Colors

Can I get a YEE-HAW?!

Ogden Pioneer Days begin this week, and the celebration can be seen throughout the streets. Ryan and I will holler and hoot at the Ogden rodeo this weekend.

More than anything, I'm enjoying colorful horses on my morning four-block commute to work. According to, the "Trail to Pioneer Days" horse project is the largest public art project of its kind in Utah. With more than 60 life-size fiberglass horses designed and painted by the finest artists, these pretty ponies grace Washington Blvd. and Historic 25th street from July to August. As the site says, they "lead the way to Ogden Pioneer Stadium where Ogden Pioneer Days originated and where the feeling of the American West still lives."

They're sure a happy sight at the start and end of my day! I've been getting to know them, and want to share my 2012 winners:

Most Partriotic - sponsored by Hill Air Force Base

Most Pricey

 Best Representation of Ogden (Ryan and I met the artist at a gallery stroll last year)

Most Delicious - sponsored by Hershey company (they have a local plant!)

Scariest - sponsored by Eccles Dinosaur Park (yes, we have a mini Jurassic Park here!)

Most Likely a Zebra in an Identity Crisis

Most Blatant Advertisement

Most Likely to Confuse a Bee

Best Horse Power

Most Likely to Star in a Chinese New Year's Parade

GRAND PRIZE: Best Looking and Best Representation of Pioneer Day - sponsored by Ryan's work, R&O Construction

Which is your favorite?


  1. Giddyup...and don't forget to remind me to wear my boots to the rodeo.

  2. Hey I never knew the horses were leading the the arena. I'm glad you shared that cool info. You're creative awards made me laugh.