Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ryan's Olympic Gold Medal

Yesterday as the world watched Ryan Lochte dominate the swim medley and win Olympic gold, my Ryan Beck scored a gold medal for swimming, biking, and running his first Olympic-length triathlon.(OK, OK, so Lochte's medal is really gold, while Beck's finisher's medal looks gold. Still, I'm impressed.)

Apparently, if you're a 27- or 28-year old Ryan, you're bound to be a) jaw-droppingly attractive and b) destined for studly greatness.  After months of training, Ry rocked the Spudman Triathlon's 1.5k swim, 25 mile bike, and 10k run, crossing the finish line with a 2:32 time and ninth in his division. That's my man! I am so proud of my stud in the Spud. Tami and Randy were fabulous as well - way to go, Becks!

We began our drive to Burley, Idaho, at 3:50 a.m. and met up with Ryan's sister, brother, and mom. The three siblings competed, while Trisha and I covered cheering and photography. Here's the victorious day in pictures, starting from when we arrived with thousands of other race-goers in the wee morning hours:

Thousands of bikes lined up at sunrise - ready for action!
Each racer got a bag of goodies, including an Idaho spud. Here, Ryan's getting his race number on his shirt.
Ryan barely made it in the water on time for his heat. With a current-aided swim, he said the water felt nice.
And they're off! Ryan, Tami, and Randy are pictured here - can you pick them out?
The masses of people watching, or waiting for their heat. Nothing like the tangible energy in the air on race day.
After the swim and bike, Ryan rushes to transition for the 10k run.
Tie those laces tight!
On the last quarter mile, he came in strong. Go, Ryan, Go!
"Here comes Ryan Beck, 28, of Ogden, Utah" says the announcer. Finish line in sight!
HE DID IT!!! Looking great, stud. Notice my rad London Olympics shirt; thanks Dad and Sue for getting it in England!
Ryan, Randy, Tami, and Julia - Olympic triathlon gold medalists! Nice work, you guys!


  1. That is AWESOME! Way to go y'all!! Think you'll do another one this year??? Or this one next year???

    1. The next day, Ryan's already looking up other triathlons to do in the near future. I think he's found a new hobby...