Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Chips & Salsa in Puerto Vallarta

When my mom was pregnant with me, she wildly craved chips and salsa. Perhaps that explains my own obsession with the salty savoryness of my staple snack. This week I scarfed more than my fair share of authentic chips and Mexico!

Yesterday Ryan and I returned from a Puerto Vallarta luxury adventure with my family. My dad and stepmom Sue were so generous to take all 6 of us kids (and two spouses now...we're growin!) for an action-packed, yet soothingly-relaxing vacation. Ryan and I had to come back early so he wouldn't miss finals review, but the 4 days we were there were memorable indeed.

We hit the skies on a parasail, soaring 300 feet over the bay, and I looked DOWN at a flying gull. Then we got friendly with Dory the dolphin who gave us kisses

I karaoke sang/danced my once-17-year-old heart out to "Dancing Queen."
We all made excellent tree monkeys on the canopy zip line, and loved the ocean scene. Ryan can't get enough of playing in water, and he spent many gleeful hours bodysurfing.

Thanks again Dad and Sue! We love you!

p.s. To my bro-in-law Matt: congrats on your new job!

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