Friday, October 21, 2011

9 Reasons Why We're Loving Ogden

Note from Crystalee: This poor family blog has been neglected long enough. We went on a first anniversary Maui getaway, moved to Ogden, I started a new job, Ryan's in full-time school and started a new internship, I've been getting closer to my 50 states while 25 goal. It's time to catch up.

We've been in Ogden now for over two months and really like it. We'd heard all kinds of horror stories, but surprise! Ogden's great! We're in a wonderful location, close to the hot spots. Here's the TOP 9 so far:

1. Ogden is new to both of us, and it's fun to explore it together. We feel very blessed to be here, and for all the opportunities we've found in this town with an urban hub and outdoor recreation galore. Did you know that National Geographic ranked Ogden in the top adventure towns? It called it the "Disneyland for adrenalized adults." Now THIS is a place we belong.

2. MarketStar
Four blocks away is this gem of Washington Avenue. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new Marketing Writer position at MarketStar. They've let me jump right in, helping contribute to the corporate blog, internal magazine, and writing for client projects. With my passion for word-crafting, it's an ideal job for me. Being so close, I walk or ride my bike pretty much daily. I work with ridiculously talented people, and enjoy getting to come home for lunch with Ryan.

2. Weber State University

The primary reason we came to Ogden was for Ryan to be closer to his school, and I'd decided to apply for their Master of Professional Communication program (turned out I got a great job too) Ryan's jumped right in, becoming the president of a contractor's club - he's studying Construction Management - and being awarded a full scholarship for the year. (Yeah, so I'm a proud wife, I know, I know) It's a 12 minute drive, and 30 minute bike ride, as Ryan can testify.

3. Historic 25th Street runs on the south side of MarketStar, and it's such a neat street! Years ago it used to be a scary, R-rated area, but it's been successfully transformed into a family-inviting row of quaint shops, lovely boutiques, and yummy restaurants. I love just walking along it, window shopping, and am fortunate to get to eat there with co-workers.

4. The Ogden River Trail is nearby, and I've loving having such a special place to bike and run. Just tonight I ran along it, admiring the fall colors. It's not a place I feel safe at night, but it's sure a blast in daylight.

5. Along the river trail is the Lorin Farr swimming pool, a very special place because the classic all-American movie The Sandlot had a pivotal scene filmed there. Yes, you know what I'm talking about. Wendy Peffercorn! And Squint's never-forgotten line:

"I've been coming here every summer of my adult life, and every summer there she is oiling and lotioning, lotioning and oiling... smiling. I can't take this no more!"

Filmed blocks from where we live, that's where Squints pulled the moves on the lifeguard.
I love that movie. "For-ev-ER!"

6. Farther down the trail is the Ogden Botanical Garden, a lovely spot for picnics and rose-smelling. It's really an enchanting little place, and I love that it's walking distance away.

7. I recently discovered this incredible place, Rainbow Gardens, which is where the river trail starts. They call it Western America's Largest Gift Emporium, and I tend to believe them. It's HUGE and has such unique, incredible gadgets and gismos. I could spend hours and hours in there, I think any female could.

8. Our LDS church building for the Pioneer Ward is also walking distance, and it's a historic building, uniquely built with intricate design and stained glass windows. We live in a low income, slightly sketchy neighborhood, but this is the most beautiful LDS church building I've attended, and we have good people in our ward.

9. We see the Ogden temple everyday. Unfortunately, it's being completely renovated for the next couple years, but it will be beautiful when it's finished. Ryan likes seeing the construction process. It's being very delicately taken down.


  1. Wow! Your ward building is incredible!! Sounds like things are going great for you guys happy for you :)
    Also, just wanted to say that I love reading things you have written! You have a way of bringing out beauty in the simplest things and I always find myself smiling.
    Love you guys <3

  2. Thanks, sis! You are so sweet. Writing is a breath of fresh air to me, a way to transform thoughts into words. It makes life more real to me, and it means a lot that you read this. :)

  3. so glad you are lovin life up there.....just wait for the snow. ugh...hahaha...yes, i agree your blog has been neglected! Let's see some more posts!