Thursday, October 27, 2011

Local Pet Cemetery?

Halloween will soon be knocking (literally) on our door, and signs of the orange-and-black holiday pop up in the most random places. Even PET CEMETERIES. Here in Ogden, Ryan and I happened across the local pet cemetery on an exploration walk a couple months ago. Did you know those existed? I'd never heard of such a thing, but there it is - just a few blocks from our apartment, adjacent to the people cemetery, with it's fancy ironclad sign:

You see it's called Tiffany's Memorial Pet Cemetery. Tiffany, by the way, is a pooch. Her wealthy owner had not just one, but two big statues built for her. She has a much larger monument than most people. Walking around, we saw graves for a variety of creatures. Four-legged and even winged creatures had graves. Does this mean all dogs really do go to heaven?

Happy Halloween. Watch out for black cats.

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