Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas, Auntie Melanie

On this Christmas Eve, I can't help but remember last year's Christmas. Frozen in a happy moment, the above picture was taken Christmas 2010. Ryan and I wore our "Miles for Melanie" shirts, and have this special picture with their namesake, Melanie Kau. You can just see how joyful it was just to be around her... as you can read here in her own words: she was chipper and cheery, despite already going through a round of chemo.

It's been just a few days since she passed. Emotions are tender, tears at the surface. I'll feel fine for awhile, comforted in the faith she's in a better place and families are forever. Then a glimmer of a memory - her whistle like a happy bird, her graceful freckled fingers expertly unpeeling fruit for her children, the way she'd answer the phone with "Hello, lovely!" and that loving look she gave her husband - will make my throat quiver and my eyes start to water. {Like now.}

This year Melanie's celebrating her first Christmas in heaven, reunited with her parents and loved ones on the other side. We're sure missing her here.

It's fitting that we celebrate the birth of the Savior at this time, and remember that He gives us the gift of salvation. He makes it possible for us to live again with our loved ones. We will see her again, and she will be whole and healthy, the vivacious auntie I've admired my whole life. Watch this touching short video to see what we believe about: living with God again.

Our hearts and prayers go out to our dear Kau cousins, and uncle Jon. And auntie...heaven's sure blessed to have you there. Love you all very much.

Read more about Melanie's story and inspiring lung cancer fight here.


  1. O crystalee-- I am so sorry you are going through this! She really did seem amazing! I know so many people with cancer right now! It is really scary!

  2. Thanks, Eish. It's something we never would've guessed - she was always so active and healthy. She really already was an angel on earth.