Tuesday, December 20, 2011

His & Hers: Confessions from the Beck Kitchen

Note to female role models in Crystalee's life: there is still hope. It's not that she's incapable, lazy, or a spoiled princess...Ryan is just really good at cooking/cleaning. He also teaches her to see humor and laugh at herself, and the truth is, Crystalee's far behind Ryan in terms of domestic skill. Do we see an upcoming New Year's resolution for Crystalee in the domestic sphere? I think YES.

Three recent days in the Beck kitchen

Day 1 - Crystalee comes home from work for lunch.

Crystalee: Oh, Ry, you've been cooking again. This looks so yummy. Wow, you mixed rice, eggs, ham, and used a variety of healthy vegetables - this is great fried rice, babe. Good work!

Ryan: Oh this? No big deal, just used what we had around.

Day 2 - Hanging out around the apartment.

Crystalee: Wow, Ry. You've really done a great job putting together the living room. Adding in the couches and arranging it like this opens up the space and makes it feel a lot more homey.

Ryan: Glad you like it. So...are you gonna do those dishes? You know, I'm getting tired of asking.

Crystalee: Yeah, I just didn't get to them quite yet. Sorry. (She washes them, or stomps away, depending on the time of the month)

Day 3
- Putting away groceries.

Crystalee: Thanks again for doing our Costco shopping. You picked out great food.

Ryan: You're welcome, thanks for helping carry it in from the car. I got the best deals, grabbing our favorites and also picked up the special hummus and gluten free stuff you asked for.

As you can read, Crystalee's got it good. Ladies, don't be too jealous - he cooks, he cleans, he shops, he arranges furniture...and we haven't even gotten to laundry yet! Ryan - your wife will work on being a better kitchen contributor.

Confession is the first step to change, after all. ;)


  1. Who would have thought I could be so domestic, I guess necessity brings out unique qualities;) Love you babe, no matter what. Yet, I'm excited to see your new years resolutions.

  2. It's been a year+ and I'm still not doing too hot in the domestic realm. Guess I gotta give myself a break with two jobs and grad school!