Monday, December 19, 2011

We Saw a Polar Bear in Arizona

No joke. Big bear!

An antique shop is home to the second largest polar bear ever found. We saw the Artic goliath this weekend in his 1600 pound, 10'8" glory in Crystalee's hometown, Glendale, AZ. Thanks to the glass case...or we might not be here to tell the tale.

We had an early Christmas this past weekend seeing family and one of our activities was a guided tour of Glendale Glitters. Between loads of lighted palm trees, throngs of happy visitors, carnival-type booths, and antique shops, who couldn't feel merry? (Shout out to tour guide of the year, sis Crysti.) We particularly enjoyed the antique shops, discovering rad odds and ends from yesteryears gone by.

It's always nice to go home, and we appreciate the thoughtful gifts from Dad and Sue. Once again, they royally spoiled us. Thanks, we love ya.

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