Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Big Reason Why I Married Ryan

Just look at his mega-watt smile!!!

He makes me smile everyday...

Enough said.

Care to share? We wanna know ... what's a big reason you married your spouse?


  1. WOW! Put it on a magazine! You're a beautiful couple!!

  2. I married my spouse because she loves my smile.

  3. Yeah, he's quite the tease. But I can't live without him, as he really does make me smile. Guess I'm smitten by those dimples!

  4. you guys are cute together! I married my husband b/c I always said my husband would be my permanent hiking partner. ha ha and I wanted a river guide too. Crazy how things work out.

  5. That's fun you've got your hiking partner! And I saw your river guide website - so cool.