Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Year's Resolutions 'MINT' to be?

We're almost three weeks into 2012, how are your resolutions going?
If you happen to have a financial resolution this year, Ryan and I wanna share a little something that makes a BIG difference for us:

We're not compensated for this post, but just wanna share how mint has given us something valuable: the ease of knowing exactly where we're at financially. We can check it anytime, anywhere with our smartphones and know what purchases we've made, how much is in our accounts, or if we've just gone overboard on a recent purchase. I'm not into budgeting, and thankfully mint takes the headache out of it.

What does mint do? It securely consolidates all accounts into one place, giving your full financial picture. Best of all, it's FREE. They make their money by offering money advice, which you can choose to bypass if you want. Here's our advice, on the house: Give mint a try.

Are you already using mint? Give a shout out here!


  1. Yay, Jen! Glad you guys use it too. I am a little obsessed with checking it, especially after getting paid. It's just so rewarding to see our overall 'net worth' go up. I can't say enough about how it motivates me to keep our numbers up. Go mint!

  2. Thanks for telling me about this! AMAZING! I love how it tells you when credit card payments are due and that I don't have to check every account by itself. I noticed my sister in law using this the day before you posted about it, but she didn't tell me about it, so I'm glad you did!

  3. You are so welcome! I shared it with a friend awhile back, and realized that mint makes such a positive impact in our marriage. We never have to wonder where we're at with money, and we have full disclosure and accountability to each other because everything is in view. It's been really healthy for us. And it really does motivate us to save. I literally picture our mint numbers go down when I spend. Thanks again for sharing it on your blog, Alyssa!