Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ring Power on Valentine's Day


Ryan proposed on May 29, 2010 on Temple Square with a temporary ring. He then let Crystalee design her own custom ring (smart man!) When she thought it was still in the shop, he presented a sparkling surprise during the Grande Finale of the Sugarhouse Park 4th of July fireworks. What a magical second proposal!

As for Ryan's ring...being the bargain shopper he is, he can proudly say he found his titanium band online for not $100, not $50, not even $25, but seven dollars! Yes, it's true. At that price, we're thinking he should have a collection to mix and match with his outfits. Yeah?

It's nice to have a symbol of belonging to each other. Ring power, baby!

Happy Hearts Day to you and yours. What's your ring story?

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