Sunday, February 19, 2012

His & Hers: Adrenaline-Seeking Differences

Yes, that's Ryan doing a yoga pose atop a decaying tree. From a family of five brothers and one sister, it's no wonder Ryan gets a rush from stunts like climbing old trees, sneaking in Ultimate sledding runs down ski resort trails, and backflipping off high dives. Yesterday he watched the newly popular YouTube video, "The World's Largest Rope Swing," and wished he was joining the adrenaline junkies in Moab. Click here to see some serious fly-high action.

As for me, the girl who grew up with two sisters, (and then got bonus a sister and two brothers when my dad remarried) I'm definitely more cautious. I get an adrenaline high from finishing a grueling half marathon. I feel the fire when pulling off a seemingly impossible writing deadline. Discovering new places, and checking off the bucket list give me a serious rush.

Ryan and I often find FEEL ALIVE moments in different ways, but we've found areas of overlap: traveling, playing group games like Murderer in the Dark, and being in the company of hilarious little kids. Part of the fun of our Beck treks is finding more ways we both feel alive; minus the fear of falling out of a tree.

Thanks to Tami Beck, our rad sister, who took this shot of Ryan in Lamb's Canyon.

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