Monday, March 12, 2012

New smile thanks to an old email

Have you looked through old emails or notes lately? I bet you'll find a memory that makes you smile.

My heart made a happy little leap when I saw Ryan's name in this old email to my dad. I didn't remember I wrote home about my future-husband when I first had a crush on him!

From my Gmail: 12.12.06

Hi dad! Finals are coming, and Thursday is the last day of classes. It's been CRAZY, but I'm enjoying myself. We had a devotional today and Joseph McKonkie, Bruce R's son, spoke about personal revelation.

Last night we had a fun FHE ward activity- ice skating. I skated with that cute boy that took me to Salt Lake* last week, Ryan. We like each other.

I'll be in touch. Love ya, LeeLee

*My 20-year-old self was referring to our Christmas devotional date, you can read here: Our First Date: Holiday Magic.

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