Saturday, April 7, 2012

His & Hers: Car Genius v. Oblivious

Recently Ryan teased if I had a blown-out tire, I'd call everyone in my cell phone before I tried to fix it myself. Eh... he's right. In a "Car Knowledge Competition," my husband would rock me any day. Ryan gets his hands greasy with the hood up, fixing tubes and wiring - he prints instructions on  how to remove the cylinder head and reinstall dashboard components. He whips out his super powers when our cars decide to misbehave. In terms of driving skill, we both agree he's better behind the wheel.

I, in my state of car oblivion, describe automobiles in terms of color, and whether they are a "car, truck, or van."   I feel proud to keep the gas tank above the quarter-tank mark, and my greatest claim to car fixing is checking the oil (to Ryan's amazement!) Although Ryan's explained a few times how the engine works, for some reason, my brain is engine-defunct.

These pictures represent the gaping disparity in our car knowledge. Those itty bitty words on the small picture? Yeah, they say "what Crystalee knows about cars." Pitiful, I know. Guess I need to practice changing the tires ...


  1. Does Ryan want a job replacing my car radio?

    1. What, you don't trust Crystalee to do it? ;)