Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dead last in March Madness brackets? Yep, that’s Crystalee

In sports they say, "go big or go home." In that case, my NCAA bracket scores are home wearing pjs, snuggled in bed, eating gluten-free pretzels.

As you can see in this picture, for my first-ever March Madness bracket, I ranked right above non-participators. Although a sister-in-law of a professional sports writer, I had no method for my selections – just picked whatever team names I liked best.

Eh, whatev … somebody’s gotta be last.

While I'm technically 523/523 (as the bottom three didn't do brackets), the Grand Prize 42” plasma TV is beyond my reach. The cool part? Maybe MarketStar will award the biggest loser something ...

Update on 4/3/12:

Yep, I was officially just declared the Biggest Loser in an email to 3,000 + employees. Still no word if I'm getting a prize ... we shall see ...

Update on 4/6/12: I AM GETTING A PRIZE! Blu-Ray player, baby. Thank you, MarketStar! I'll be Biggest Loser any day ...

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