Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Another Gal Smooched My Husband at Disneyland

Well, that's if you count Minnie Mouse. (wink!)

Ryan kept bringing it up the rest of the day; he was pretty proud of his Minnie kiss. What would Mickey think about that? For me, I didn't feel too bad since I got plenty of smooches myself (see Splash Mountain picture below.)

When little girl in pink saw this picture, she said in a Southern accent, "Mama, look, they're smoochin' in the back!"

Although it already feels like a happy blur, we had a magical Disneyland day yesterday. It was one year (to the day!) since our epic Disneyland visit with our Kau and Pannell cousins, the true park pros. They taught us how to work the FastPass system. Thanks to their proven tips, yesterday we literally went on every big ride in both Disneyland and California Adventure - and never waited longer than 15 minutes for a ride! (I'll be sharing those tips in another post, if you're interested.)

Like the greeting sign says, we left today and "entered the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy." Nothing like truly being kids again for 24 hours. We made a splash with Brer Rabbit, yo-ho yo-hoed with pirates, had a jolly holiday with Mary Poppins, and watched Captain EO save the planet. In a cute moment, we saw baby ducks follow their daddy into the "It's a Small World" ride water, and the workers saving them. Just like last year, we were blown away by the beauty and wonder of "World of Color." If you've not seen it yet, click here to see a video - it's my very favorite park attraction.

We were surrounded by families with babies and little kids at the park, and mentioned quite a few times how it was likely the only Disney trip we'll ever make with just the two of us, with the grand adventure of parenthood coming in the next couple years. We both decided that although strollers slow you down, it'll be a blast to share Disneyland with kiddos someday. As a duo we lived it up, wore ourselves out and literally loved every second. 

Only year of our lives to have annual passes! (Thanks, mom!) We finally used them the day before they expired.

2011 Trip

2012 Trip

Bless Walt Disney for building such a magical place!

The mama scolding her babies to get out of the water, but they followed the daddy, right in front of our boat.

Disney workers helped get the babies out. It was cute! I heard one of them say, "this happens every year!"

As a Construction Management major, Ryan couldn't help but ask the Cars Land crew questions about their project.

I dreamed of being a Disney animator as a kid -  no wonder I love drawing at the "Animation Academy" 
I still have the song in my head, "When Mary 'olds your 'and, you feel so grand..."
We couldn't believe we ran into the Glenns! We met them in Dominican Republic -  it IS a SMALL WORLD after all!

Best part of the day - the night show!


  1. OH, I love it! I love that little girl's smoochin' comment (: Your dip picture is so cute! Yay for a fun time and a fun couple!

  2. Thanks Maria dear! We got a kick out of her little comment too. We're pretty excited to take our kids someday. Appreciate you reading and you know - comments are the way to my heart. ♥ Thanks