Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Salsaholics Anonymous Welcomes Newest Member

Me: My name is Crystalee Webb Beck. I am a salsaholic.

(group applause)

Me: My husband sent me here because I've been "drinking" away our salsa. At any given time, we have a stock of four salsa bottles. Costco's supply may not be able to keep up with my demand. I downed a 50-oz bottle in 24 hours this past weekend.True story.

I could eat chips and salsa all day, every day. Sometimes I do.

(group applause again)

Me: I've shared this before, and meant it: this salsa obsession started in the womb. It's part of my DNA. And I'm still not sure: What's so wrong with drinking salsa?

Note: While I may have staged this photo, it's saying something we have this many salsa bottles ready for my gulping (and two empty containers in the recycle bin - not joking).


  1. I'm a salsa addict too! When and where are meetings?

    For my birthday I specifically asked my mom to make a big batch of salsa. I wanted it more than cake :)

    1. With ya girl. I would prefer homemade salsa over cake (even gluten free cake) ANY day.

      Literally had this thought earlier today: how would a salsa-flavored popsicle taste?

  2. That's what I'm snacking on today. We should check out this place they may have some type of salsa or chili popsicle.

    Paleteria Y Neveria La Michoacana
    1512 Washington Blvd Ogden, UT 84404