Sunday, August 12, 2012

Precious Moment Two Years Ago Today

It's been 731 days since our debut as husband and wife, and there are moments I will never, ever forget. We'd prayed and hoped and prepared for this day, and were so blessed. The desires of our hearts really do come to us. Ryan and I were worthy, ready, and willing to start our lives together in the House of the Lord. Victory! We made it! 

For years I'd dreamed of this exact moment - coming out of the temple doors to meet our family. I pictured my new husband would be to my left and he'd smile at me with beaming eyes. He did. This moment was even sweeter than I'd imagined, and my Ryan went for a kiss dip. Looking through the pictures, this truly was the happiest day of my life - with family and friends and my love. It was a slice of heaven, and I miss it. I'm grateful we have pictures and a video - but wouldn't it be wonderful to transport ourselves back in time to relive our favorite moments of life?

Thank you so much to our family and friends, who were there on this big day. Especially our parents: You loved us then, you love us now. We love you. And with it's beauty and real-life challenges, we love being married. We are a team, and look forward to the future together.

Happy 2nd Anniversary, my love.

And happy birthday, William Goldman, author of "The Princess Bride." We have a few things in common, as I post here.

We LOVE you all!!!