Saturday, September 15, 2012

His & Hers: BYU vs. Utah Rivalry

When you marry someone who loves your rivalry school, it's bound to make things interesting. Every year at Holy War time, we get seriously competitive (no wonder - this rivalry warrants its own Wikipedia page!) As you can see, our BLUE vs. RED family feud even extends into folding laundry:

 Ryan's a die-hard Ute fan, and got involved in student body campaigns, like the Go! Party (click here and check out the Go! video to see him.) Crystalee was literally a BYU Front Row Fanatic and BYU Student Alumni Vice President, planning big Homecoming and spirit events. Thus, we're both out to "convert" our future kids. Behold, evidence of our loyalties:
Crystalee won front row tickets  to the BYU/Utah game and all this BYU swag in 2007 for doing a stunt in the Front Row Fanatics contest. She made a peanut butter and banana sandwich with her feet and ATE it in front of a large crowd.
Ryan lived and breathed the MUSS for years, since his bachelor pad was literally across the street from the Rice Eccles Stadium. A Utah man, sir, a Utah man he is!
Crystalee's  known in the office for BYU school spirit - here's her decked-out cube at MarketStar in 2011.

Ryan's grin, happy to be with MUSS pals at a 2009 game.
Bring us together and what to you get?

Red and blue stockings at Christmas on our makeshift fireplace. 
A rivalry that knows no bounds - even in Sydney we sported our school colors.
Crystalee braved the MUSS with Ryan and Tami in 2010 - even wearing BYU gear. Recall the painful BYU loss in the last five seconds? Ouch.

Ryan insisted on including this picture from when we were dating. Yes, that's Crystalee in with the Utes, but she's trying to hide behind Swoop. (Don't worry, Cosmo, you'll always be her favorite.)
Tonight's game will leave one of us happy, and the other not so much. As Ryan said, "a lot is on the line with two years' bragging rights at stake." We shall see...



  1. CRYSTALEE!!! How do you stand this rivalry?! Agreeing to disagree in this situation just doesn't seem to do it justice! And how is your pride after yesterday's game? Don't know 'bout you, but I'm still licking my wounds.


    Another year of humility...

  2. Ha! Your comment made me laugh. Our family feud is one of those things I signed up for knowingly, and it's only painful when BYU loses! Seriously, though, we're both out to teach our kids the "right" fight song when the other is out of the house.

    Poor kiddos.They'll be so confused...