Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Felines on My Resume

I've found a conflicting pattern in my life worth pointing out: Although I feel about cats the same way Indiana Jones feels about snakes, I've spent my academic career at schools with feline mascots!    
I've been cheering for Lions and Cougars the past 12 years, and although I'm currently at a school of Wildcats, you better believe I'll be rooting for Cougars in the upcoming BYU v. Weber State football game. (I bleed blue, baby.)

2000-2004 Mountain Ridge Mountain Lions

2004-2009 Brigham Young University Cougars

2012-2014 Weber State Wildcats 

Another tidbit: Ryan's a Wildcat for the second time - the first was in elementary school, and he says he's "digressed" to go back to yesteryear's mascot. Ha!


  1. Same here! Elentary school: tigers. Middle school: panthers. High school: lynx. And then of course, good ol cougars! Too funny.

    1. Ha! Seguita, nice to meet you, and while we have a different cat story, we're a triple feline threat, all the same :)