Friday, December 21, 2012

Ryan's Graduation Day at WSU

He did it!

Not only did Ryan graduate with a bachelor degree in construction management - he was the VERY FIRST of all the graduates to have his name called.

Pro: We saw him, he saw us in the crowd, and we cheered mighty loud!

Con: There were still two more hours of names to get through. We were good sports and stuck it out until the end. Then the photos began.

We were so happy to have family in town to celebrate Ryan's graduation day. Thank you to our Beck and Webb families for being here, and for taking us to dinner at our favorite Ogden restaurant, Roosters, to celebrate. Then we saw "The Nutcracker" at Peery's Egyptian Theater. (Guess that was more for me and the ladies than Ryan, but he was a good sport about it.)

Ryan's kind of hard to shop for, since he's always finding his own wicked cheap deals on things, but I did pull off a winner gift: a children's book called, "Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site." You can't lose with a title like that for a construction guy. :)

Now he gets a three week break and on to graduate school!

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