Monday, December 3, 2012

Two in School

For only 11 more days, Ryan and I are attending the same university. We've been making the 6-minute drive together from our apartment to our Tuesday night classes ever since his car broke down a month ago. He goes to the construction building, while I visit the communication building down the hill.

We've been able to leave each other love notes in the car (when we're not driving together) and sneak in kisses after class. It's fun to be married and going to school. I realized when I caught this shot of the Weber State Stewart Bell Tower recently that these days of conveniently going to school together will soon pass by.

But that's okay.

You see, the countdown for Ryan's graduation has almost entered single digits. I'm so proud of him!


  1. Gorgeous shot. Ahh only 11 more days. I'm ready for a break.

  2. Me too! Spent the past 4.5 hours in the library tonight, and actually got down to business after procrastinating via blog post.