Thursday, July 18, 2013

My New Work Position + Grand Opening!

Late last month I was promoted to a newly created position at MarketStar. The company now knows Crystalee Beck as Social Community Manager for our company of 3,500+ employees, and I'm leading the charge on ushering in our new social intranet. We've called it "MarketStar Connect," and it's a robust, interactive place for all employees to connect and collaborate, no matter where they work. It's really cool technology, somewhat a cross between Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter that's exclusively for our employees.

With the enterprise launch only three weeks away from my sign-on date, I knew I was jumping into very sharp learning curve - and honestly, the first week I felt very overwhelmed. Thank goodness for my Ryan, who's been a true cheerleader at home. He's been understanding when I'm working late and exhausted. He's left me sweet little notes like, "You're so capable," that have boosted my spirit more than he knows.

If I was an accountant (like my talented sister), this would be the crux of last minute tax season. It's been an intense couple of weeks, and I'm thrilled all the meetings and planning and trainings will come to fruition tomorrow! Today alone I led four different trainings, and over the past business week I've busted out:
  • 342 emails answered (ay ay ay!)
  • 250 t-shirts distributed for the event
  • 48 donuts for the Champs in today's meeting
  • 7 Manager kickoff trainings
  • 5 parties planned for locations across the country
  • 2 Team Champion kickoffs
  • 1 Senior Executive training
With that, Grand Opening... let's hit it tomorrow!

P.S. You better believe I'm sleeping in this Saturday... :)

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  1. I'm so proud of you! really are incredibly capable.