Friday, July 26, 2013

You're Killing Me, Smalls!

Last Friday Ryan and I took a summer stroll down memory lane, right into the essence of childhood. Remember the first time you watched "The Sandlot"? I don't, but since it was countless views ago, I can tell you the Utah-filmed flick played a big role in my life. My dad says my sisters and I wore out our video copy (remember videos?) and he had to get us a second one. I've mentioned the "Wendy Peffercorn" pool is only blocks away from us here in Ogden, a fact I can't help but feel quite proud about! 

That being said, Ryan and I went to the Utah Bees game last Friday, where they were playing "The Sandlot" after the game for the 20th Anniversary of the film. Even better, they wrangled in the gang of guys from the movie to make a live appearance! We saw Ham, Squints, and Yeah-Yeah in the flesh, and now that those guys are in their mid-thirties, it was hilarious to see that some of them look strikingly similar to their boyhood silver screen versions.

Although the Bees got absolutely spanked by the Sacramento Rivercats (we're talking 17-8...ouch!), we had such a blast going out on the field with hundreds of families to see the show on the screen. Afterwards, we hit up Denny's for our free Grand Slams, on account of the Bees hitting a grand slam during the game. 

Can I just say we heart summer?  How long? FOR-EVVVVVVV-ER!

Loving us some general admission seats on the grass. So nice to stretch out and see the free entertainment around us.
The view of the game.
We both pretended to watch the game, but let's be honest...we were there for the movie!
Yeah! Everyone's storming the field. There wasn't a bad seat in the house.
So "Yeah-Yeah" morphed from a puny kid into a HUGE muscle man. Ham and Squints looked totally the same!
Recognize these guys?
Hard to tell...but the movie is playing on the screen. Fun!
Gotta love the spontaneous, free breakfast at midnight!

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