Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Two, Soon to Be Three | Our Maternity Photo Shoot

Sometime in the next two to three weeks our lives will change forever. We'll be parents. We're both very excited to start this new chapter of our Beck treks. It's definitely an adventure, and we know we have lots to learn, but also a lot of love welled up and ready for our first-born.

Ryan's sweet sister took our maternity shots. Thanks, Tami! We wanted to capture this belly while it's ripe. These were taken at 36 weeks, and we're now at 38. Not much longer 'til we'll meet our girl. 

While I'm very excited to see/hold/snuggle our girl, there is something very special about being (literally) one with her. 

Yeah, Ryan definitely threw a snowball at me. Such a tease. Then we got the idea to make it look it was snowing. 
Two. Soon to be three. 


  1. I love these pics!! The snowball one is my fave. And those little baby boots--I'm dying! So sweet. The last weeks of pregnancy, when you feel so close to your little girl but she's still quiet in the womb.. very special time. Excited for you and your soon-to-arrive little one!!

  2. My fav is the one of you laying on the bench.

    1. Thank you. I'll be honest: That was actually a super uncomfortable position for me - it's so hard to be on your back when you're really pregnant! You can see I put my scarf under me to soften it.

  3. You are such a beautiful pregnant lady! Can't wait to see pictures of your little one. I finished your sling and now I just need to get it in the mail! Love you! Auntie DeLite

  4. The one with you laying on the bench is my favorite one too!

  5. Seriously love these. You are gorgeous! Can't wait to hear your sweet little girl is here!!!