Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ryan On Top of the World

Check him out! Anything resembling defying gravity? Count Ryan in. He's such an adventurist.

Although we have differing opinions about snow, I was sure glad for his half day in Park City this weekend. He went with friends and came back a happy man. (Thanks, Sage!)

Hopefully I'll learn someday to enjoy snow sports too. My self-attempts at snowboarding in the past few years were painful lessons in bruising techniques. Then again, that was before I married Ryan. We'll see if he'll help teach me ...

What about you? Snow lover or hater?


  1. go for skiing! I think you would like it better! Maybe you need to come to Idaho and go with Michael and I :)

  2. Hi Jessica! So good to hear from you. And I agree, I need to try skiing. Would love to come see you guys!