Friday, February 24, 2012

On Her Birthday, Quotes Melanie Loved

I love and miss my Auntie Melanie. She passed away just over two months ago. Wish I could call her on heaven's phone. Do they have free long distance there?

I think of Melanie often, and wish we could go running together. She was always so good at blazing the trail, a super hero with sweet feet. As she did for so many, Melanie touched my life in many ways. For example, the earrings she wore for this picture were my "something borrowed" on my wedding day.

Anyone who has visited the Kau home knows Melanie loved inspirational quotes. A few years ago, I asked Melanie her favorite quotes to make a personalized Christmas gift. The following were the three she chose, and I believe they symbolize how she lived her lovely life: a happy disposition, a forgiving heart, and the faith to endure hard things. Love you Mel, Happy Birthday in heaven.

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