Sunday, August 26, 2012

Our Last First Kiss

Three years ago, on a sunny afternoon, Ryan and I had our first kiss. We took the photos above just minutes after, and you can see we were pretty dang happy with ourselves! The sappy girl in me can't's my journal blast from the past:

August 26, 2009

Ryan and I went on a picnic to Murray Park. We both have childhood memories there and I was glad to see it again after 10 years. We both brought yummy, healthy food (I love that he’s so healthy) and it was perfect weather – beautiful and green. We had a great talk (I love talking to him!) and I snuggled close to him.

There was chemistry in the air and he just looked so good. When we heard the National Anthem playing in the background at the Babe Ruth World series (13 year olds), he scooted closer…and in the last little bit of the song he surprised me with a sweet kiss. It was gentle, with underlying emotion, and I kissed him back smiling. When the crowd was cheering he whispered, “they are cheering for us.”

GREAT first kiss and I remember thinking, “this could be my last first kiss.” We’ll see…

Yup, I called it. Muah! Countless kisses and just short of a year later, we were married.

p.s. I remember Ryan getting a text that his cousin had her baby that day. Happy 3rd birthday, Jett! 


  1. Every year on Jett's birthday I think of your first kiss :)

    1. That's so cute, cause I will always remember his birthday!