Friday, February 8, 2013

MarketStar's 25th Anniversary

It's not every day you hit 25 years in business, and it's definitely not every day you're 27 years old, planning a party worthy of a quarter-of-a-century celebration.

Perhaps it's the student government party planner in me. Or maybe I'm just really blessed. I found myself with the unique opportunity to plan MarketStar's 25th Anniversary Gala, and I absolutely loved it!
I spent many months nailing down the details, writing scripts for the videos we debuted, and even teaching our executives a dance to go with the Beatles song, "Come Together," which happened to be our theme...and don't mind me saying so, but the event really did come together.

Nearly 800 employees attended the event here in Ogden, at Peery's Egyptian Theater - a historic and gorgeous venue that dates back nearly 100 years. We heard from our founder, Alan Hall, our CEO Dave Treadway, and many other MarketStar leaders. We honored stellar employee teams with Treadie Awards (named after our CEO), and ate the world's largest orange asterisk cake. 

You can see our "History of MarketStar" video here.

One my proudest moments came when the party was winding down, and the founder, Mr. Alan Hall, pulled me aside and put his arm around me. He told me he was proud of me, and said, "You're like a daughter to me and Jeannie" (his wife). Aahh...what a nice thing to say. It was definitely a highlight of my career so far. One of those days I wish I could put on repeat.

Happy 25 years, MarketStar!

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