Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tami and Mavin Get Married!

Say hello to our new brother-in-law, Mavin Martin!

We spent a beautiful day celebrating Tami and Mavin's wedding yesterday. They were married in the Salt Lake Temple, and they beamed with love for each other. They're such an amazing pair - both so sincere, service-oriented, and FUN! 

It was the third wedding day for the Becks, and the one and only time that Trisha and Ron will be parents of the bride. We loved see the Hess family, who flew in from Germany, and to meet Mavin's family from Thailand. It was an international gathering, and such a happy, happy day.

Interesting fact: They went to Cancun for their luna de miel (honeymoon) too. Adios, love birds!

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