Monday, October 14, 2013

Planning a Trip? Two Travel Sites Recommended by a Former Flight Attendant

Working the airline industry for nearly four years taught me a lot. From knowing how to calm frantic travelers  during turbulence to serving the likes of Robert Redford in First Class, I came away with lots of stories.

And you know what else? I have loads of insider traveler knowledge. Lucky you: I'm feeling like sharing. Let me unveil two travel site gems with you, from a former-flight-attendant-turned-marketer:

Need a place to stay on your trip? Check out

Hotels are overrated! Why get just a hotel room when you can have your own place?

We've used this site this year to rent private flats in Paris, Venice, and tonight I booked our own private apartment for an upcoming visit to Chicago. Why? It's cheaper than a hotel, more spacious, and gives more of a "local" experience. For example, in Paris, we were only three Metro stops from the Eiffel Tower. In the City of Bridges, we felt like locals staying in this lovely Venetian getaway, going to the market each day to buy fresh food. Not to mention, we were serenaded by gondoliers outside our window (see Ryan below.) I honestly don't want to travel any other way to a foreign land!

Looking for a sweet airfare deal? Airfare Watchdog, my friend. 

Find yourself something to bow wow about at this deal-finding site. I know there are tons of them out there (Priceline, Travelocity, Kayak, etc.), but I find the simplicity of the site and low overhead costs (they don't worry about being too fancy) yield better airfare results. I have the Salt Lake City Flight Deals emailed to me once a week, often with round-trip deals at $98. Granted, if you live away from an airport hub, it's more difficult to round up deals, but if anyone can sniff it out, Airfare Watchdog can!

I'm really not kidding. Here's a snapshot of a recent Airfare Watchdog email:

Any travel sites you can't live without? Do share.


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, you got it, cousin. I love these sites!

  2. I checked out AirFare Watchdog immediately after you told me about it. I get such an urge to just take off every time I get a good deal emailed, but I haven't yet. I passed the info on to my parents and they got some great priced tickets to Mexico.

    I've looked at Airbnb, but have never booked a place. I almost resorted to in Washington D.C., but I was able to find a friend to stay with. The idea is awesome, but I feel a little nervous about it. Are most places legit?

    1. Glad to hear you're passing on the Watchdog love, Priscilla!

      I was honestly nervous too about AirBnB the first time, but we've had two incredible experiences with it so far. We've only tried the "private apartment/flat" option, rather than a private room - I don't feel as comfortable staying in a place while other people are there too. We really LOVED LOVED our flats in Paris and Venice - they made much more out of the adventure than staying in a generic hotel. Plus, it really was comparable, if not cheaper, to rent our own place. Then we also had the option to cook our own food, and sometimes it's just really nice to sleep in make your own omelettes. :)