Saturday, September 21, 2013

Summer's End: The Best of 2013

Tomorrow marks the official start of fall. Bring on Utah's mosaic of autumn leaves!

Looking back, this has been the best summer of our Beck treks so far. I'd plotted out 13 staycations for this summer, but our time together turned out better than I could have hoped. Rather than write an individual post about each event, I'm rounding them up list-style to remember good times with people we love. We're so blessed to have wonderful health to enjoy these adventures:
My favorite passenger and me!

Crystalee's final flight with wings
Memorial Day weekend was my final time in the jump seat. The rest of this summer couldn't have been so wonderful without the decision to turn in my wings. I'd gotten to a sticky point where I had two full-time jobs (they took away the part-time flying option) AND grad school. Talk about overloaded! It was 100% the best choice for us at this time. Ry had encouraged me for a long time to let it go, and I've honestly never looked back since. I love finally getting to enjoy weekends! Little did I know, I was already a few weeks pregnant in this picture...

New position at work
Within three weeks of leaving the airline, I was promoted to Social Community Manager at MarketStar. Amazing how, like Helen Keller said, "When one door closes, another opens." It's challenging and also a lot of fun. I love my job!

Millie's Princess Run
My favorite fun run of the year is in honor of a little lady named Millie Flamm. I wrote about this year's race here. Hope you can join me next year!


Sarah Jane + Gil = 
On a beautiful summer day, Ryan's cousin Sarah Jane became Mrs. Marchant. He was able to attend the festivities the whole day, and I joined the reception that night. They're a really fun, happy pair.

Primary party at the park
Ry and I hosted a party at a nearby park for our five- and six-year old Primary class. We played kickball, hide and seek, blew up balloons (of course, making funny noises with them), and played "monster" on the playground. Ryan's such a big kid himself. Now we have different church callings, but we loved our two years with these little monkeys!

Snowbird weekend for Ryan's birthday
Ryan turned 29 and we celebrated with a quick getaway at Snowbird. Wrote about it here.

Sandlot Bees game
Remember Squints? Ham? Yeah Yeah? We saw their adult counterparts at the Salt Lake Bees game for the 20th Anniversary since the classic movie "The Sandlot" was filmed in Utah. ALSO: This was the day (July 19) we found out we're expecting our first baby! We'd soon find out we were already at 11 weeks at this point - I've been so fortunate to feel well.

Ryan's Spudman Triathlon
Ryan had been training for months for the Spudman, which is held each summer in Burley, Idaho. His sister, brother-in-law, and brother Randy competed too - yeah team! While they were pushing it, I was filming for a class assignment:

Riley Returns!
Ryan's brother Riley returned from his LDS mission in Mexico City the first week of August. He did such a great job serving the people there and speaks Spanish so well. We were all so excited to see him. While we had the whole group together for a picture shot, we announced our baby news...and that night, Rob and Jen shared their Kensi will be a big sister! What a happy day for the Beck bunch!

Lava Hot Springs
A few days later, the Beck Bunch made the yearly trek to Idaho to the beloved tradition of Lava. Ryan did his annual backflips off the ultra-high dive (which always makes my heart stop), and we enjoyed being with family. Ryan and company went the next day to Jackson Hole where they river rafted.

Keala and Mike's wedding
A few days after our three-year wedding anniversary, my beautiful cousin Keala married her man Mike in the Salt Lake temple. It was one of the happiest days I've had in a long time. We got to "relive" the memories of our own wedding day and see my cousin so radiantly happy. I've written before about my auntie Melanie who passed away, and Keala is her first daughter. It was such a special experience to feel her mama's spirit throughout the day - Melanie was watching from heaven and we could feel her love.

I'd waited to tell my mom and sisters our good news until I saw them at this wedding - it was wonderful to share there will be TWO new grandbabies in 2014! (My sister is also expecting and had already announced.)
Mama, Erika (who's expecting too), me, and Emily just after we shared the news.

I loved that they included Melanie's cookies at the reception. She was there in spirit!
Color Run
On August 24, we did the Salt Lake City Color Run with way fun Tami and Mavin. LOVED IT. I ran the entire 5K in about 30 minutes - not too shabby for a pregnant lady!
Backpacking trip
Ryan's been wanting to take me camping since got married. We figured we'd better get out there before my baby belly grows too big and it gets cold. Over Labor Day, we had my very first "practice" backpacking trip in the Uintas. Being 17 weeks pregnant, we only hiked about 40 minutes (and I was proud of myself to carry my own pack!) We camped for two nights, and explored little lily-padded lakes and I felt our little baby's butterfly-wing kicks for the first time.

Arizona visit
We spent a weekend with the Webb/Marson family in Arizona. Dad and Sue were kind to take us out on Lake Pleasant. Ryan and Emily's boyfriend showed off their wakeboarding prowess, and my dad even gave it a go. Ryan displayed mad skills hanging on to the tube - I've never seen anyone whipped so fast across the water. Sue was so sweet to take Erika and me maternity clothes shopping, and we celebrated Crysti's birthday together at dinner.
Ryan, realizing he survived the wicked ride, gives a victory grin.
Emily's boyfriend Quincy teaching dad how to wakeboard. Love it.
Cute couple!
My sisters.
While all of this has been wonderful, the BEST part of this summer has definitely been BABY BECK. We're finding out the gender next week. We're excited that next summer we'll have a little one with us! If you haven't seen it already, here's my favorite project from the past few months:

What has been the best part of YOUR summer?


  1. That is the quite the summer! Happy that we got a shout out :)

  2. So excited to hear about your little girl! You will be the best momma!