Saturday, June 2, 2012

His & Hers: Smoothie Wars

As Blendtec devotees, we literally go through a dozen fruit smoothies a week. While we'll both start with frozen berries, that's where the similarity ends and our differences begin. We've learned it's just better for us to make our own smoothies.

Ryan's more of a yogurt, sugar, and milk guy. He uses recipes from the Blendtec book, and discovered  the secret juiciness of grapes. In his own right, he does a pretty good job.

I tend to blend to the beat of my own drum. I prefer soymilk to milk, a dash of protein powder, add in a carrot, bit of spinach or even spoonful of avocado (makes it smooth and creamy!) Why not get in extra nutrients, sneak 'em in with the sweet fruit?

After my six months away from the sweet stuff last year you could say I'm quite anti-sugar. Sugar-free apple sauce or just a little gob of orange juice concentrate adds plenty of sweetness for me.

No matter how delicious I think my smoothies are, when Ryan tries them he always thinks they taste funny. I really don't like the sugar or dairy in his frozen concoctions.

When I mentioned the idea of this blog post to Ryan he said, "Oh. I could write that fast:'Ryan's are delicious and Crystalee's are not.'"

Oh, let the smoothie wars begin!

P.S. We were happy last week at Disneyland to see Minnie Mouse has her own blender.

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